She doesn't need clothes! Lake Bell wears nothing but body paint for nude photo shoot... as her directorial debut hits theatres

She's a rising star in American comedy with her directorial debut In A World opening earlier this week to resounding critical acclaim.
And judging by a new photoshoot, versatile Lake Bell also possesses a figure which would be the envy of many women.
The 34-year-old was clearly comfortable in her own skin for the modelling session, as she posed completely nude but for a smattering of body paint and a hand demurely protecting her modesty.

The confident display is for the current cover of New York Magazine, hitting news stands on Monday, and features a grey rose design - created by the star's tattoo artist husband Scott Campbell - adorning Lake's chest.
The revealing cover was shot by Mark Seliger, who kept the actress' make-up to a minimum except for the fake tattoo.
Meanwhile, Lake, who wrote and directed In A World, stars as an underachieving vocal coach who is motivated by her father, the king of movie trailer voice-overs, to pursue her aspirations of becoming a voice-over actor herself. 

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